Integrated project management has been one of the main disciplines of the company since its founding. Although BIM is usually associated with design, it is in Project Management where the application has a greater journey. 

We understand BIM as a new control tool for the Project Manager, so we integrate BIM into project management in order to take advantage of its benefits and maximize results.

The application of BIM processes in the coordination and review of projects, measurements, budgets, planning and execution control, has become an important added value to all services related to Project Management.

Project management

The objective of Project Management is to support the Technical Directorate of work in the conception and complete development of the same, optimizing variables such as term, cost, quality, among others.

Project Office

The external Project Management Office (PMO) allows your company to have the peace of mind of predictability and consistency in the delivery of results, supported by our methodology and experience in management and standardization of processes.