All our engineering projects are thought, designed and developed with BIM in their DNA. Engineering projects of excellence with a focus on resource optimization and sustainability.

Our team of engineers, in addition to being specialists in their area, have training in project management processes. This allows them to optimize results with a complete view of the project life cycle.

We have a highly developed process engineering that allows us to obtain reliable and consistent results in all our projects. 

Structural engineering

The Structural Engineering team has experience in tall and complex buildings, and a particular knowledge of nonlinear and seismic design and analysis. The team works on projects from initial conception to completion on site alongside the rest of the teams.

MEP Engineering

We design and calculate, according to the requested requirements, all the facilities present in the built environment, obtaining optimized results that are adapted in the most efficient way to each project.

Civil work

We carry out hydraulic, rail, road and airport infrastructure projects; from the conceptual design, executive documentation and execution of work. 


We carry out design, calculation, seismic verification and detailed engineering for large-scale industrial buildings, focused on efficient and energy-sustainable structural designs

Oil & Gas

We contribute our experience in BIM for the optimization of projects, offering the development of models and generation of executive documentation for projects in the oil industry sector.