The sustainability and energy efficiency team looks for ways to advance our sustainable design processes. Working directly with design teams to develop a sustainable vision of the projects carried out in practice.

Sustainability has been developing more and more in the real estate sector, but its process is not well resolved by the agents that include it in their projects. This is because they do not make use of new technologies that can streamline the analysis processes and give more accurate results.

Our team makes use of BIM and environmental management together, adding the necessary information to the information models to be able to manage a correct and precise energy analysis.

Energy Analysis

Optimization of captured energy, to establish active passive strategies and / or to reduce consumption.

Renewable energy

Analysis and applications of renewable energies for the optimization of the energy systems of a building

Sustainable Building

Application of passive and active strategies to reduce CO2 consumption and production.

Efficient lighting

Optimization of luminance in workspaces, to capture the most natural light and / or use the necessary amount of artificial light.

Zero Energy Consumption Buildings

Analysis and strategies in the course of design and / or construction to achieve low energy consumption, Zero Consumption and a reduction in CO2 production.

Sustainable Urbanism

Implement urban strategies and analyzes to reduce pollution and the use of sustainable urban systems.



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